05/06/2002-06/06/2002 @01:20:20 ^01:50:59

The dog was ill today. She threw up a few times all over the place so we didn't give her any breakfast. But she seemed all right so we gave her a small amount for lunch but she brought it straight back again so we decided, right, no more food for you today. But she still was all right, and kept pestering for food. Because she doesn't seem actually ill I think it might just be that she picked up something nasty and ate it while out on a walk, but it makes no sense, because surely when you're sick you don't feel like eating more...?

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Firstly I was invited to the fair, so I wandered over after the football match on TV had finished and went on a couple of things that span round very quickly. Then I discovered that the suggestion to play football on the common had been made so I did all I could to encourage it. It was great fun. I haven't had a kickabout for years. Never mind how many my side lost by(!)

However today has been difficult because I'm so unfit that now I can hardly move my limbs, never mind being so dehydrated I woke up with what felt like a hangover:-/ I failed to get up in time for some of the matches that were on this morning but never mind, it's not like I haven't seen more than enough football these past few days.