29/04/2002-30/04/2002 @02:47:23 ^03:22:05

Yeah I'm still here

I just had other stuff to do this weekend. Friend of mine has lost his mum. Was providing support for those affected by this.

I've still got this big list of things to write an update about. Ooh, suspense! I can't be arsed to write it though, but if I don't do them soon, they'll be old and out of date... Damnit...

I managed to avoid IRC today. No offence to the usual denizens but as I did mention I think it causes me "to probably WASTE ANOTHER DAMN EVENING typing into this program instead of DOING SOMETHING USEFUL" ["this program" being xchat]

Random Doom-related note: Doom Underground has finally updated again, with a review of Alien Vendetta. The guy who writes this site writes reviews that remind me of the ones I wrote (and never published) in 2000. Also I wish I knew what makes AV the largest WAD file ever. It's over twice the size of the next largest I currently have.