09/08/2002 @05:08:37 ^06:16:29

In order to keep the rabid monkeys that browse this site satiated I have decided to write an update. I don't know why though as I haven't really got anything important I can be bothered to write about, and anyway from tomorrow evening or so up until probably next week this site will be down and noone will be able to read the rubbish I would be writing here anyway. Even if I were able to write here. But I can't because it'll be down.

Read some or all of the following instead. In no particular order:

As a last resort Annoy me by poking the stuff on my PHP experiment, which I really ought to do something with soon. Warning: excessive use may result in it being taken down. Warning: the graphics won't work as they're linked from here and since here will be unavailable, well, go figure. Warning: The experiment itself may be offline, it tends to get turned off as its server is apparently located next to a television set and is quite noisy, so its owner turns it off if there's something on that he or his housemates want to watch. Warning: ...meh, I was trying to write something funny to finish this off with but I can't think of anything, it's gone 5am and you should think yourselves lucky my sleeping patterns are so screwed and I'm writing this at all you ingrates.

Should smileys have noses or not?

Everyone who's been on the internet for more than like a day will know about smileys, or emoticons, or whatever new-age bullcrap you want to call them.

I knew about smileys before I first used the internet, thanks to some dumb magazine article. Therein, all smileys had noses: For illustrative purposes,  ":-)" So that's the way I've always seen them. (As a sidenote some people use "o" for the nose instead of "-")

In the past few days I have found myself occasionally using what are sometimes known as midget smileys, that is ones without noses at all (":)") These are in fact much neater, especially with my recent habit of appending them to the previous sentence with no intervening space ("you suck:)")

Which do you prefer? I'd set up a poll if I could be bothered, but I can't.