17/09/2002-18/09/2002 @01:25:34 ^02:05:26

RjY can't do anything else right now for one reason or another so instead for once he will update his site.

My TOP SECRET PROJECT works provided all the things it depends on are operational. Unfortunately, this not only includes dodgy and probably security hole ridden code written by yours truly on a Sunday afternoon, but also the availability of certain unnameable remote servers over which I have no control. All that's happening now is every so often I get another mail saying "Couldn't connect to server" :/

Ever have a moment where you go "Oh my gods oh my gods it's just TOO FUNNY!" and you see possibilities of exploiting comedy value that are so wide that you don't even know where to begin? Check this: The comedy potential of a front-page message board! My gods.

The guy who runs Doomworld and its forums made a thread that was basically "Post anything other than heh and get banned". Actually it's more like "so who are all my sheep":) He did ban a couple of people. Decent people, who've made good maps and stuff. Oh well. The things you'd do if you run a popular forum and are bored or drunk or something.

Speaking of irresponsible web site running, today at Something Awful the Comedy Goldmine was about something called Bonzi Buddy. I've heard of this a few times and was inspired to find out just what the hells this thing is. A bit of digging around and I find it's a purple gorilla thing, something not unlike the evil Microsoft Word paperclip thing but for web searches. Or something. Needless to say it's evil and not evil in the good way. I'm glad I have RISC OS and GNU/Linux and none of this sort of crap on my systems.