22/06/2002 @15:35:06 ^15:56:12

World cup quarter finals results

I'm only posting this for completeness. Having had a couple of days off from watching matches, when these next ones came round I realised I'd overdone it as usual and now I can't be bothered any more. Plus there's not many teams left in the competition that I'd like to see win it:-)

Spain0-0South KoreaSouth Korea win 5-3 on penalties
Senegal0-1TurkeyTurkey win by golden goal in extra time

As usual the BBC's world cup site was used as a reference. I also have to say here that which I've said everywhere else: I agree with the guy who said gods help us if England win it again, because then we'll have to endure footage of the winning goal repeated over and over again for at least the next half century.