Old school baby!! (the 8th)

Right. Here's my stupid weekend. It was fantastic, let's face it.

The thing on Friday was wonderful. Imagine a whole load of records you've been obsessed with for years played almost one after the other for hours and hours at ridiculous volume levels. Okay, so they wouldn't let me wear my hat but you can't have everything...

Infiltrate 202's bassline was unbelievable. Then there was the record that got rehashed into A Trip To Trumpton, Sweet Harmony about four times(!), Hardcore Heaven, and lots of others I can't quite remember right now, but not forgetting the infamous Sesame's Treet, which might be the cheesiest rave track ever but it sounded so good. There was also quite a bit of new school breaks and stuff which was good too.

The 9th (and 10th)

After getting up really late I went to town. Hi, Sarah. Oh, hi, Julie, nice to bump into you like this. Gods, isn't it windy...

Went for drinks later but the original plan that I'd go off to another place afterwards was scrapped and it was decided instead to test the arrangement. This went very well, eventually, after some initial technical difficulties - but hey, is there anything that goes exactly to plan?!

Rob, shut up before you embarrass yourself and everyone else.