Too much stuff to write!

Yesterday's update was quite long. I thought of stuff but felt it had to be postponed. Maybe I should just use a smaller font.

Doom stuff

Doomworld had its fourth birthday last week, on the 13th. The guys who run it decided to redesign it for the occasion. Okay, fair enough - but now it's almost unreadable in Netscape! This is just about my favourite site ever! Shite! Rob, find a new web browser.

Speaking of Doom, I'd always intended to do some add-on WAD reviews here. This is still planned, but I don't think the review project can be quite as ambitious as I originally thought out (in mid-2000) In the meantime, here's Doom Underground.

Is this a blog?

I decided to do this site after reading a bunch of other people's blogs. For example, this or this, to pick two that were in my browser history list.

I dunno though. I mean, it consists of dated entries, but some say it should have loads of links and stuff too (well, this update has!) This definition and this article were interesting reads, as well as others from here.

Stuff arising from visit to #warwick just now

It's been pointed out that the part of yesterday's update about the arrangement was rather cryptic. I actually thought it wasn't, and I'll get into trouble, but there you go. Also had a lively discussion about romance. I think it's pointless claptrap that gets in the way of having sex but Simon and Julie don't. We could see each others' points of view though and agreed to disagree. How lame :-)