19/10/2002 @14:02:06 ^15:54:29

Let's start with the quarterly phone bill. Next to total time of internet calls, it read over 732 hours. Work that out: it's two hours short of 31 days. That's one whole month, out of three, was spent connected. You'd think I didn't have anything better to do, wouldn't you...

The guy who runs fubar has stopped posting on it because it's upsetting his girlfriend. This is the guy who took his webcam to class to take pictures of the sexy broad a few weeks ago, and also has an army of teenage girls helping him run the thing and generally being his bitches. Now he says his relationship comes before his site and yadda yadda. I say sod the girlfriend and continue with the site, because the girl will eventually dump you anyway:)

I have finally tried making a Doom map. I'm a very long way away from making anything releasable but you know. I'm using Slugfest 9 (Text) for inspiration, because while it's a relatively simple map, there's something about it that I really like. Basically, it's a long high walkway going through a big dark cavern. There are monsters on the walkway and on pillars and platforms around it and if you fall off you're dead. When I played it I wished it was a lot bigger, so I intend to make a massive version:)

A lot of fun was had moving Pete's site to Felix's server. Pete was fed up with his old web host so we made him an account and yadda yadda technical blah and now it's here. You want to carry on using www.petejakehall.com for links though, yeah? Well unless he gets www.petehall.com on Sunday, or something. Oh and why does Apache always die when it attempts to do a graceful restart after log file rotation? It's really annoying and I can't find any error message anywhere. The log file just stops abruptly, and service is lost until somebody notices and manually restarts it.

I will keep saying this but now I'm going to put "Experience of unix web server administration" on my CV. Yeah that crappy thing I was supposed to convert to HTML and put up here for you to laugh at. But sadly I read it first and thought "no this is too much of a load of shit" and couldn't do it!

Also I did something else yesterday but if I told anyone about it they wouldn't believe me. Feel free to try to guess though; if anyone gets close enough (very close) I will post it and give them credit.